Natural quality control of grain and oil seeds with GRANIFRIGOR™ - the original for more than 50 years. Moisture is prevented. Fumigation is not required. The KK 20 Europe cools up to 630 t in 3 weeks.

  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet
  • Fully automatic
  • With many accessories (modem for remote diagnostics, forklift pockets,...)
  • Control with 4 operating modes
  • Large air filter
  • Special design for seeds and malting barley
  • Special design for high silos

Areas of application:

  • Applicable in all ambient conditions (rain, fog, heat and cold) - with the HYGROMAT™ Automatic the humidity is controlled safely. 
  • Medium-pressure design standard - ideal for high silos.
  • Safety refrigerant suitable for high ambient temperatures.

Handling and operation: 

  • Quiet operation through frequency-controlled fans and acoustically optimized compressors. 
  • Different modes of operation by means of fully automatic Siemens S7 controller: Quiet (whisper mode-low noise), rapid cooling (booster mode) ventilation mode (only air) and normal operation.
  • The whisper mode can pre-selected after selecting "temporary" (e.g. night mode). 
  • Easy to clean - place and manholes are available for this 
  • Effective, large-scale filters with integrated filter monitoring.
  • Backpressure indicator.
  • Viewing window in the air cooler.
  • Phase and undervoltage monitoring
  • Inspection openings in the air duct.
  • Speed-controlled condenser fans for smooth start during cold outdoor temperatures.

Energy and environmental balance:

  • Energy efficient execution due to frequency regulation and the latest motors. 
  • Environmentally friendly safety refrigerant - without CFCs and without HCFCs.
  • Winter and summer thermostat to save energy.
  • The HYGROTHERM uses the energy from the condenser to reheat or to maintain the desired cooling humidity. 
  • Contains sound insulation as standard (-4 dB (A))

Processing and quality:

  • HYGROTHERM™ heating register as standard.
  • Electric heating register as standard
  • Stainless steel condensate tray.
  • Corrosion protection through coated heat exchanger.
  • Solid rubber-wheeled chassis, optional castor wheels
  • Quality control through factory test run.
  • Fully enclosed, easy to remove.
  • Robust industrial design.
  • Depending on the model, big TÜV-approved refrigerant collector and/or sub-cooler.
  • CE-compliant execution.


  • High pressure blower (HP-high pressure) for streamlined silo compartments Protection grid against animals. Locking supports.
  • Forklift pockets.
  • Alarm modem for mobile phone/ SMS/ ZLT
  • Modem for remote diagnosis/ remote display
  • Sound cabin for -15 to -20 dB(A).
  • Additional heating for seed and/or malting barley
  • Signal indicator light
  • Cool stop fully automatic


KK 440 Europe

Cooling capacity in 24 hours  [t/day] 1) 2)

430 - 700

Chilled air fan

Volume flow [m3/h] 3)

Pressure [Pa] maximum 5)




Nominal refrigerating capacity compressor [kW] 6)7)


Electrical data 9)

Output (average) [kW]

Max. current consumption [A]

Electrical connection [A] 4)






Ø Connection cold air hose [mm]

Condensation water runoff average [l/h]

Ø Condensation water runoff hose [inch]


600 (800)



Dimensions [L x W x H in mm]/weight [kg]

with tires

with castor wheels


3.950 x 2.130 x 2.900 / 3.000

3.740 x 2.130 x 2.690 / 2.750

All figures are valid for 400 V-3 Ph-50 Hz
1) Cooling of the air to 10° C
2) At an average outside temperature (daily average) of 20° C, an average relative humidity (outside air) of 52% and an average grain moisture of 16% up to the maximum capacity under favorable conditions and at 1000 Pa counter pressure.
3) At 1000 Pa counter pressure
4) According to CEE
5) Higher pressures available on request
6) European version at 0° C evaporating temperature and 30° C condensation temperature
7) Tropical versions at 10° C evaporation temperature and 40° C condensation temperature
8) HP version (high pressure)
9) HYGROMAT™ is included as a standard feature

Subject to technical changes

Since we know how grain "functions", the GRANIFRIGOR™ operates according to two successful principles:

1. Immediate cooling after grain harvest to below +13° C:

Because of this, insects go into hibernation and have no chance to spread (see fig. below). In addition, the development of molds is effectively prevented, respiration losses are minimized and due to the drying effect of the cooling process, drying expenses can be saved.

2. No ventilation with unconditioned outside air:

Humidity of the ambient air establishes a condition of equilibrium depending on the temperature. Thus, moistening occurs when moist air is introduced to dry cereal and the grain spoils. Therefore, the ventilation with fans is completely dependent on the weather. In addition, the ambient temperature is usually much too high during the harvest season.


The fan of a GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooler draws in ambient air (see fig. below). This air is cooled in an air cooler (evaporator) to the desired temperature. The downstream HYGROMAT™ setup warms the cold air again automatically. Thus, the relative humidity is lowered and adapted to the conditions of the grain bed. Moistening, which would be extremely damaging, cannot occur. This cold and dried air is forced through the grain by the air distribution of the flat storage or the silo system. Through the exhaust vents of the storage area, the air flow passes back into the environment. With this exhaust, the absorbed heat and moisture are removed.